I Have to Use These Ten Words?

This is the short story with random words and animals assignment worth 3 points.

Being a life-long writer, this seemed quite the enjoyable exercise. Then I saw my selection of words: cruelty, humanlike, align, hotly, water, regret, helicopter, dope, cursed, decade. Great stuff, right? Tough to make something like that very funny. Anyway, here’s my sad little short story.

A Glass of Water

“Am I cursed?” the little girl asked her father.

“Of course not,” he answered. “It’s just the decade we’re living in, honey.”

“I wish we could just get in a helicopter and fly away from all this,” she meekly replied.

For such a young girl to witness these atrocious acts; the cruelty of the Gods sees no end.

“I regret taking you here, little girl. I’m sorry. I’m a dope.”

“Don’t feel bad, daddy…” she said, drifting off in sleep. She quietly murmured, “Water, please?”

The father smiled. “Of course, baby.”

He wandered downstairs, thinking to himself with incessant guilt. The shadows from the stair railings bended across the room in eerie, humanlike patterns. Walking into the kitchen, he opened a cupboard and pulled down a glass. He turned to the sink, lifted the handle, and aligned the cup under the pouring faucet. The glass overflowed in the man’s hand as he stood there, thinking to himself staring hotly in the distance with anger and despair. The sink continued running, the man continued staring.

“Are you coming, Daddy?”

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