Breaking up with Jack Neff

handwriting on old  paper _pv

This is the postcards from the past assignment worth 4 1/2 points.

This is a letter from Jack Neff’s past that he carries around folded up and tear-stained in his back pocket. Years ago Jack’s fiance, Malinda Sparkle (Sahar’s character’s mother who I’m making up), wrote this letter before leaving the city and abandoning him for good.

“I’ve watched you break down, Jack. You’re not the man you once were. Ever since the incident, you haven’t been yourself. You look right through me. You come home, you look like hell, and you take off on the streets. The story will never come, Jack. Wandering the streets like some fake detective won’t work, and it’s pushed me away…….I will always love the old Jack Neff. The one who would tell me stories and listen to my every word. Now that Jack is dark and lost. I’m sorry for you. You will never find what you are looking for. Get off of the streets, Jack, and rejoin us here with the other people. I’ve waited for you long enough. Goodbye, “detective.”


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