Week 9 Summary

Fun week working with video.

I got to watch one of my favorite beers poured in reverse. I also learned that reversing video isn’t an option on Windows Movie Maker, and that’s dumb.

I added visuals and guitar accompaniment to my Black Bird self trio, which was nice to see finally completed and played with.

I created a compilation of Robert Deniro’s angry, repeating awesomeness from five different classic films. I love every Scorsese movie he’s ever done and more.

I did my video essay on the classic balcony scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious. Hitchcock is the absolute shit, so I was excited to see this film on the list. Vertigo and Rear Window will always be my favorites, and I still think I like Cary Grant better in North by Northwest, but it’s undoubtedly a cool film.

I tuned in to listen to the radio shows on Thursday night-disappointed to not hear my show, but I loved the Clue-inspired group. Funny stuff.

Final radio show reflection

Daily Creates: Whoops, only one.

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