Ds106 wallpaper

Week 5 Summary

Yet another interesting week with a bunch of fun activities.

I talked a bit about the Big Lebowski, “slacker noir,” and my personal comparison of the film’s similar political nature to Chinatown. I also love Blade Runner and Double Indemnity, but there isn’t time for everything.

The design blitz was a fun bit of time that got me scanning my eyes around the world a bit differently. I particularly had fun using an absurd Salvador Dali painting to discuss perspective and metaphor.

The assignments this week were a good time as well.

The four symbols assignment is a real fun activity that seems so much more obvious to the creator. I still think mine’s obvious, but I’ve received mixed signals.

I got a bit frustrated with my DS106 wallpaper assignment, but I still think the final product is cool, even if it’s not as slickĀ as I wish it could be.

The budding entrepreneur assignment is one of the goofiest things I’ve done yet. Literal German-accented wine, Hitler, Nazi’s, what’s not to like? The whole thing is bizarre; I can’t believe it came out of my brain.

I’m really happy with the overall look of my scene poster assignment. The color palate is exactly what I had envisioned. I won’t stop the Taxi Driver party.

Daily creates:


Yeah…this isn’t a bloody wrist, but a jelly bracelet. It was as gross as it looks.

This is a clip of me playing Dark Warrior off of internet arcade. It’s just like so many other games of its type.

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