Week 10 Summary

Another fun week with video, this time delving much further into my character, Jack Neff, than I had in the past. A number of the assignments from this week, especially the interview, started to flesh him out a bit more and make me understand him. I won’t lie, I like that the weird Nixon/Hunter S. Thompson/Rod Serling voice I’m doing helps me differentiate myself from my character, but it gets damn tiring and its hard to keep consistent. I’m noticing that radio show Jack sounds a lot different than the video Jack I’ve been doing. I should have gone with the Todd Sprinkle voice for my character. That was just too funny. Anyway, stuff from this week:

Of course, Jack Neff was interviewed by Jim Groom, who may have received a flesh wound for his Monty Python references.

I used some crazy filters for the narrative ambiance assignment where I used a monologue from the opening of the video game Alan Wake. That whole thing is pretty creepy, but the palm tree does kill it a bit. The lighting just looked too cool with that filter to pass up.

I added visuals to the collaboration song I did with Spencer’s character Donnie Rawley, called “Donnie’s Zen.” I’m still in awe of that first shot. It looks so damn cool.

The I am me assignment was another great way for me to flesh out Jack. I twisted up a little-know folk song from Sufjan Stevens to be more in line with the character, and even wrote an alternate verse for it. The visual effect going on in the video is pretty cool too, as the colors slowly fade in and out. I had fun with this.

Then in a bit of a funny how-to video, Jack teaches everyone how to properly pour a craft beer. He’s a bit of an alchy, so its not the sort of thing he takes for granted!

I made my choice to work alone for the final unit.

Daily Creates: One, Two, Damn…

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