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Visualizing Emerson’s Words

This is the Poetry Art assignment calling for a visual landscape to be applied to the text of a poem to better explain its meaning. It’s a three point assignment.

I’ve been reading Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Nature as of late, so I decided to pull a quote from there as my de facto “poem.” This is mainly because I had this image in my head to begin with and I was struggling with creating something worthwhile for another poem. Considering the emphasis here is on visuals, not the poem itself,  I hope this is not a problem

.emerson quote pic

I’m a softy for the American romantics, so naturally Emerson’s flowery perusings are my cup of tea. In Nature, he writes “To speak truly, few adult persons can see nature. Most persons do not see the sun. At least they have a very superficial seeing (25). Immediately after reading this passage and my selected passage, I mentally conjured an image of a child stunned and amazed at sunlight while an old man barely notices. I played around with the image a bit and came up with this admittedly somewhat creepy-looking collage.

I absolutely love how the light shines straight through the forehead of the child, but I fought GIMP left and right trying to crop everything around him while keeping the light effects. It was a pain, and it’s still very noticeable. Alas, playing around with color thresholds, blendings, and gradients still left me with some interesting visuals. I particularly love the tired, old eyes representing Emerson’s notion that adults fail to see the true beauty of nature as children do. It really fits beautifully.

I picked the dimensions for the image as I did in the hopes that I could make this a wallpaper for my phone, but initial test-runs have not been flattering. Most people are creeped out by the boy’s face. Oh well! I like it.


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