Tapestry stencil look

Stenciling an Illuminated Tapestry

This is the Back to the Basics assignment that calls for a “stenciling” effect to be applied to an image. It is a two star assignment.

darthvader stencil
Luke, I am technically a stencil

Well this was interesting. I’ve always been a fan of this style of art, however one chooses to label it. That likely has something to do with my 12 year old infatuation with Sin City all those years ago (yeah I’m warped, I know). I’m not sure I like “stencil” as the description of the style however, at least as far as the example images for the assignment as concerned. I certainly get it and have no other better term for it, but when I think of stencil, I think of something like…


That’s a bit different than the example images, though it is absolutely in the same vein. Most of the examples are more of a stylized, comic book-like black and white color scheme. Sure enough, when I was playing around with GIMP, their “stencil” visual option hardly affected the image, leaving a rather clean-looking greyscaled image, but nothing in the way of a stenciled look. After playing around with color thresholds and inversions however, I finally found a look that I liked.

I started here…
Tapestry stencil look
…and ended here

My original image was simply the tapestry, but once I realized the effect I was getting with my filters, I quickly realized the street sign would look awesome. Basically everything light surrounded by dark gives the effect here, and balance is extremely important in creating a coherent image. As is visible here, the lamp behind the tapestry, clearly visible in the original image, is merely an indistinguishable mess of white in the middle of the image. There’s just enough going on around it that I don’t think it ruins anything, but the comparison is greatly noticeable.

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