Beer Wall

Slow-mo Beer Pour


This is the play it backward, Jack assignment worth 2 points.

This was actually much more cumbersome that I originally thought. I figured Windows Movie Maker would have some feature for reversing video files, but alas I spent 20 or so fruitless minutes getting angry until Google told me it was a useless effort. Naturally however, there are a number of apps and things that make the process fairly easy. I found one on my iPhone called “Vid Reverse” that did the job quite nicely! I wanted a really foamy head on my beer pour for the video, but I kinda over-did it a bit, leading to the mushroom cloud and eventual dripping down the sides. It looks great for the video anyway. Cool stuff!

This isn’t a direct relation to my character, Jack Neff, but it is definitely in line with this personality in terms of alcohol consumption. However Jack is more of a hard whiskey/scotch man. He stays away from the beer. Doesn’t do enough for him. He gets too full before he feels the buzz.

By the way, if anyone is curious, the beer there is an imperial IPA from Flying Dog brewery in Maryland. It’s called HBC-431, in reference to the brand new hop strain it uses. It’s absolutely delicious.

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