A Song for Jack

This is the I am me assignment worth 4 1/2 points.

This is an altered version of the song John Wayne Gacy Jr. by Sufjan Stevens. Only the lyrics from the first verse remain from the original song. The rest, even some of the guitar licks, have been changed for this version of the song for myself. I’ve always been struck by the opening lyrics. “My father was a drinker, and my mother cried in bed.” It’s always struck a chord in me, no pun intended of course. Being the writer I am, with the childhood I had, with the father I had, this song resonates greatly. ¬†Yes, of course, I understand that this song was originally about the notorious, clown-dressing serial killer, John Wayne Gacy. But it concerns his childhood, his upbringing; what made him a monster. It’s something so many of us wonder when we find ourselves to be capable of actions and thoughts we can hardly believe. How did I become this way? How did I become this monster?

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