Guitar Angle

Black Bird Visualized

This is the sound to visual assignment worth 3 points.

I’ve wanted to do more with my Blackbird self trio since I recorded it and people seemed to take a liking to it. I decided I would finally record the guitar accompaniment and set it to simple visuals. I found an awesomely simple black and white, sketched-look video of a flying bird and I took it apart to guide the music. It’s simple but I love the peace and calm of it all. I also considered making a video for the collaboration audio I did last week with Spencer’s Zen guitar piece. It would have been cool to see that grow in three different places but I thought my Blackbird recording gave me a bit more to work with. I had a bit of trouble aligning to timing up for some reason, and it definitely shows with the guitar in the beginning, but it picks up.

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