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What Makes a Good Story is the Rhyme

This is the sound to visual assignment worth 3 points.

I was messing around with visualizing the collaboration I did with Spencer’s character, Donnie Rawley, and I really liked the calm, striking visual effect I was able to get with these filters on Movie Maker. I think it fits perfectly well with the “zen” feel of the music. The water drops in particular looks so damn cool; almost like a moving sketch.

My Name is Jack Neff. I’m a Writer.

This is the narrative ambiance assignment worth 4 points.

I took this monologue from the horror video game Alan Wake by Remedy Entertainment. Just to be clear on a few things, the Stephen King quote ends after the line “the poetry of fear.” The rest is the monologue from the game. Also, where the original line is “My name is Alan Wake. I’m a writer,” I inserted myself, Jack Neff.

Week 9 Summary

Fun week working with video.

I got to watch one of my favorite beers poured in reverse. I also learned that reversing video isn’t an option on Windows Movie Maker, and that’s dumb.

I added visuals and guitar accompaniment to my Black Bird self trio, which was nice to see finally completed and played with.

I created a compilation of Robert Deniro’s angry, repeating awesomeness from five different classic films. I love every Scorsese movie he’s ever done and more.

I did my video essay on the classic balcony scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious. Hitchcock is the absolute shit, so I was excited to see this film on the list. Vertigo and Rear Window will always be my favorites, and I still think I like Cary Grant better in North by Northwest, but it’s undoubtedly a cool film.

I tuned in to listen to the radio shows on Thursday night-disappointed to not hear my show, but I loved the Clue-inspired group. Funny stuff.

Final radio show reflection

Daily Creates: Whoops, only one.

Radio Show Reflection

The radio show was undeniably a mixed bag. I had a ton of fun with what I was able to make, but I am definitely disappointed that I couldn’t work with my original group and get to hear my show aired. I don’t want to delve in too far, but I quickly became frustrated in communicating with my original group and assumed that no one was working on anything considering the lack of responses. I assembled my ideas in the meantime and only much, much later after one of our team finally returned to our original place of communication, the Google Doc, did I hear that the group had fallen apart and two members had already completed their own piece. I was a bit annoyed that I was labelled as a group abandoner, but what can you do. There was only one gmail message (which I never told anyone I check) about meeting times, so that was that.

I loved listening to everyone else’s shows, however. I was only able to tune in on two airing nights, but I did listen to a bunch of them on Soundcloud, and I was honestly blown away here and there and definitely jealous how well some of these groups clicked. Great use of characters, music and sound effects. Some of the narratives that were built up were wild. I listened to the Clue movie-inspired group and loved how suspenseful and ambitious it was with its plot and extensive character list. The one suggestion made after the show, to say the names of the characters a bit more often, definitely would have made it a bit clearer. I went through and listened again later and found it way easier to comprehend on the second run thru.

I would have loved to hear what people thought about my insane show. Each time I re-listen to it I either shake my head in my hands and wonder if I need medical help or die laughing. Especially my Hitler wine commercial. That’s just so out of left field. I mean, what? I think people would have gotten a kick out of the Miley Cyrus story, but I guess that’s for another time. My radio host, and now infamous voice-style, Todd Sprinkle will have to wait a bit longer before unleashing his awesomeness onto the world. In the meantime, Jack Neff will be out on the streets after his day job at the grocery, ever looking for the next juicy story.

Video Essay-A Notoriously Amazing Shot

First thing’s first: I apologize for the title. It makes me gag a little bit too. I was stuck and I just couldn’t resist.

I’m a huge Hitchcock fan and have seen Notorious on numerous occasions, so I immediately knew where I was going ¬†with what scene to pick. For as awesome as the shot is, I also realized that there’s only so much to talk about in the scene itself. There are a number of great, subtle Hitchcockian touches with the tunnel shots across crowds and the heavy closeup on Grant and Bergman’s gentle touching of hands, but I actually didn’t have too much more to talk about. There are some interesting uses of color to define the shots across the room, especially when Claude Raines’ character shoots is attention across the room at Grant and Bergman’s secretly affectionate touches.

DeNiro in All His Angry Awesomeness

This is the favorite actor/actress highlight reel assignment worth 3 points.

Robert DeNiro is so angry. And he loves repeating himself. This is a pretty cool collaboration from one of America’s greatest actors, taken from my favorites of his filmography. I’m just now realizing that other than the Godfather Part 2, all of the films here are from Martin Scorsese. We have Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Casino, and Goodfellas from Scorsese, and the Godfather is obviously Francis Ford Coppola. Its a nice array of his films where we can see him skinny, young and pissed (Taxi Driver, Godfather), and older, wiser, but still pissed. I love the guy and his movies, so I couldn’t pass this one up. I forgot the video was only intended to be 30-60 seconds, but the scenes are just too good to cut up. It felt like a sin to break them up more!

Black Bird Visualized

This is the sound to visual assignment worth 3 points.

I’ve wanted to do more with my Blackbird self trio since I recorded it and people seemed to take a liking to it. I decided I would finally record the guitar accompaniment and set it to simple visuals. I found an awesomely simple black and white, sketched-look video of a flying bird and I took it apart to guide the music. It’s simple but I love the peace and calm of it all. I also considered making a video for the collaboration audio I did last week with Spencer’s Zen guitar piece. It would have been cool to see that grow in three different places but I thought my Blackbird recording gave me a bit more to work with. I had a bit of trouble aligning to timing up for some reason, and it definitely shows with the guitar in the beginning, but it picks up.

Slow-mo Beer Pour


This is the play it backward, Jack assignment worth 2 points.

This was actually much more cumbersome that I originally thought. I figured Windows Movie Maker would have some feature for reversing video files, but alas I spent 20 or so fruitless minutes getting angry until Google told me it was a useless effort. Naturally however, there are a number of apps and things that make the process fairly easy. I found one on my iPhone called “Vid Reverse” that did the job quite nicely! I wanted a really foamy head on my beer pour for the video, but I kinda over-did it a bit, leading to the mushroom cloud and eventual dripping down the sides. It looks great for the video anyway. Cool stuff!

This isn’t a direct relation to my character, Jack Neff, but it is definitely in line with this personality in terms of alcohol consumption. However Jack is more of a hard whiskey/scotch man. He stays away from the beer. Doesn’t do enough for him. He gets too full before he feels the buzz.

By the way, if anyone is curious, the beer there is an imperial IPA from Flying Dog brewery in Maryland. It’s called HBC-431, in reference to the brand new hop strain it uses. It’s absolutely delicious.

Week 8 Summary

Interesting work this week further creating my character, Jack Neff, and bringing him to life a little bit more.

I added to Spencer Scott’s song “Donnie’s Zen” on a fun theme music hybrid assignment.

I added depth to Jack’s back story with the old postcard assignment.

I did the whistling song assignment as my character, Jack, and really enjoyed the song I chose for him. Perfect for a struggling, wannabe writer (It’s the Beatles’ “Paperback Writer”).

I did a write-up of Spencer’s song for my inspiration post.

Jack Neff’s new Twitter name is @Jack_S_Neff and his gmail is JackSNeff@gmail.com. He’s becoming real.

Daily Creates: Thursday, Saturday¬†(for some reason none of the links for this daily create work, but mine is called “room guitar”, Sunday

This is Cool: Donnie’s Zen

I already used this piece from Spencer Scott for his character Donnie Rawley in an assignment this week, so I thought it would be a good one to choose for these posts. I’m a reasonably active musician, so I naturally love the hand-craftedness here. The Eastern influences are awesome, and the subtle, relaxing qualities of the composition have been left stuck in my head on numerous occasions. Even more interesting is that Spencer plays three guitar pieces on top of each other, adding unique qualities to the overall sound. I love that I was able to sing over top his piece in an assignment; I think it turned out really well.