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Scoring 800 Percent

This is the make it 800% slower assignment worth 3 points.

This was an interesting experience. I had no clue just how long the process would take for a lengthy piece, or how massive the resulting file would be. It took about 2 hours to process, and I ended up with a 4 GB behemoth of an audio file that was entirely unmanageable, so I snipped only the first 45 minutes or so of the SIX HOUR long piece. The real shame is that some of the most beautiful sounds came later in the piece, but the overall feel is still clear from this clip. I used Bernard Herman’s “Taxi Driver” theme as my music of choice, and the result is mostly dreamy, somewhat haunting gold. It’s amazing how beautiful music comes out in 800x. The sax that comes in and out of Herman’s score is the biggest issue here, as it is sometimes unbearably blaring, obnoxious, and overall difficult to listen to for very long. Otherwise though, there’s a whole wealth of moodiness going on here. This makes we want to experiment with everything now.