Isolated wine bottle with blank label

The New Thing in Wine: Accents

This is the budding entrepreneur assignment worth 2 points.

Isolated wine bottle with blank label

At first glance, this bottle of wine may not seem like anything out of the ordinary. Oh how wrong you are, petty peasant! This is the finest accent wine, fresh from the gardens of the Stephanus Rechtorus vineyard. What’s accent wine, you say? Accent wine is the new rage, aptly named for its unique quality to empower its consumers with the ability to speak fluently in a foreign accent! Ever wanted to go on a drunken Hitler rant? Well break out your fake stache’, flip the hair back, and start shouting your “sieg heils,” because this accented wine pulls no punches. Effects wear off after a night of heavy drinking, and saucy German conflict. Enjoy!

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