Taxi Driver poster

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This is the scene poster assignment worth 3 1/2 points.

Taxi Driver poster


I decided to keep my Taxi Driver theme running strong, though I actually tried to challenge myself a little bit more this time. For a project from last semester, I had set my computer to take a screenshot of the film every other frame for a good chunk of the film. I decided to pick a random image and do what I could with it to make it an effective poster. Ironically, the one I picked isn’t much a challenge at all, but I liked it too much to pass it up. This is from the iconic “You talkin’ to me?” scene. I played around with the color palate for a good while to hit that off-yellow color that permeates throughout the film. It reminds me exactly of the dvd cover I have. I played around with different GIMP toys to emphasize and add energy to the poster text. I’m still not sure what font the title credits of the film uses despite perusing online for a while. I still don’t entirely love the font I ended up with, but I think it’s clean and gets the job done. I’m really happy palate-wise with how close I was to creating my initial vision.

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