ring symbol

Fantastical Four Symbols

hobbit symbolring symbolwalking symbolmountain symbol

This is the recommended one story/four icons assignment worth 2 1/2 points. This is a fun assignment, though I suspect my creation won’t offer up much of a challenge for potential guessers. At least I certainly hope not! This should be an easy one. In the off-chance you’re curious and can’t figure it out, I will clarify that the last symbol isn’t technically the “end” of this story, especially not in the novel version (another hint). As far as most people visualize the plot however, the last symbol is still largely the relative end. I had a bit of trouble making the images small enough to fit side to side on one page, so I hope they aren’t too small to see.

For as obvious as this looks to me, I’m sure it would be a different ballgame if I hadn’t made it myself. Happy guessing!

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