Ds106 wallpaper

A New Paper for the Wall

Ds106 wallpaper


This is the create your own DS106 wallpaper assignment worth 4 points.

Here’s my wallpaper! With these sorts of things I always start off small, almost get finished, then spend way too much time trying to perfect some tiny aspect I don’t like. Then after I curse the name of GIMP for a few minutes, and contemplate buying Photoshop for the millionth time, I eventually give up or find a quick fix. I had trouble preserving the base backdrop that I began with. All that remains of that original image are the two colored ripples on either side. I wanted to extend them further, and it really shouldn’t have been hard, but I kept hitting wall after wall, resulting in a boxy-like image that looks like a square on top of another square. I tried my best to crop the original, extend the background, playing with GIMP’s various layering tools and perspective shifts, but everything was either unnoticeable or way too warped.

Anyway, I still like the overall look here. I was going for something dark and noir-inspired, naturally. I like the rippling effect over the text for DS106, matching it up well with the moody, rippling water. I also played around a bit with GIMP’s flare/flame creator to spice it up a bit. It’s not too noticeable, but it’s the little grey swirl behind the text. I still can’t decide if it’s cool or distracting, but I decided to go with it.

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