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Radio Show Reflection

The radio show was undeniably a mixed bag. I had a ton of fun with what I was able to make, but I am definitely disappointed that I couldn’t work with my original group and get to hear my show aired. I don’t want to delve in too far, but I quickly became frustrated in communicating with my original group and assumed that no one was working on anything considering the lack of responses. I assembled my ideas in the meantime and only much, much later after one of our team finally returned to our original place of communication, the Google Doc, did I hear that the group had fallen apart and two members had already completed their own piece. I was a bit annoyed that I was labelled as a group abandoner, but what can you do. There was only one gmail message (which I never told anyone I check) about meeting times, so that was that.

I loved listening to everyone else’s shows, however. I was only able to tune in on two airing nights, but I did listen to a bunch of them on Soundcloud, and I was honestly blown away here and there and definitely jealous how well some of these groups clicked. Great use of characters, music and sound effects. Some of the narratives that were built up were wild. I listened to the Clue movie-inspired group and loved how suspenseful and ambitious it was with its plot and extensive character list. The one suggestion made after the show, to say the names of the characters a bit more often, definitely would have made it a bit clearer. I went through and listened again later and found it way easier to comprehend on the second run thru.

I would have loved to hear what people thought about my insane show. Each time I re-listen to it I either shake my head in my hands and wonder if I need medical help or die laughing. Especially my Hitler wine commercial. That’s just so out of left field. I mean, what? I think people would have gotten a kick out of the Miley Cyrus story, but I guess that’s for another time. My radio host, and now infamous voice-style, Todd Sprinkle will have to wait a bit longer before unleashing his awesomeness onto the world. In the meantime, Jack Neff will be out on the streets after his day job at the grocery, ever looking for the next juicy story.

Noir Buzz-Featuring the Tapes of Jack Neff

Well here she is. After a lot of group confusion and lack of responses, I was unsure of what to do with all of my ideas and preliminary content I had created. With some of the original members breaking off and others going incommunicado, I had no choice but to construct a show on my own. I followed in the same general vein of the “Noir Buzz” group, using celebrity stories. I’m not sure what direction the others ended up taking, but I chose to fantasize a celebrity story in the world of my character, Jack Neff. Of course I made the whole thing as darkly humorous and over the top as a I could. I had a ton of fun putting this whole thing together, I’m just disappointed I had to work alone. Though l suppose I never would have been able to make what I did if I was in a group. This is just too weird for that. I also likely wouldn’t have been able to make the music myself, which was one of my favorite aspects of my show-all of the music is from me and my guitar. Even some of the dark tone-like sounds came from using Audacity’s “paulstretch” program. The voice work too, particularly of my fictional host, Todd Sprinkle, was just too much fun. Just that name alone gets me laughing.

Initially, I wanted to complete the story of Jack and the “Cyri” but it was simply a gargantuan amount of content for one person to edit once it all started coming together. What’s here isn’t even half of what I had planned, which is a bit disappointing. Alas, the content that did make it still gives me a good laugh. I hope my commercial (which is supposed to be out of place for laughs) doesn’t offend. It really shouldn’t, but inexplicable Nazi references aren’t always the lightest of fare. My Hitler shriek is now a go-to sound bite on my computer. Every time I hear it I can’t help but grin.

Anyway, I think I’ll post more back here in a bit once I’ve listened to other shows and have more time to reflect.

The Noir Buzz Promo

This is my promo poster for “Noir Buzz,” a radio station that focuses on the latest shady doings in the headlines. From celebrities to our characters, to fictional interactions between the two, the station will be a hybrid of actual current event gossip and sensationalized retellings of those events with our characters along for the ride. This is The Noir Buzz.


Noir Buzz bumper