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More Taxi Driver

This is the scene poster assignment worth 3 1/2 points.

Taxi Driver poster


I decided to keep my Taxi Driver theme running strong, though I actually tried to challenge myself a little bit more this time. For a project from last semester, I had set my computer to take a screenshot of the film every other frame for a good chunk of the film. I decided to pick a random image and do what I could with it to make it an effective poster. Ironically, the one I picked isn’t much a challenge at all, but I liked it too much to pass it up. This is from the iconic “You talkin’ to me?” scene. I played around with the color palate for a good while to hit that off-yellow color that permeates throughout the film. It reminds me exactly of the dvd cover I have. I played around with different GIMP toys to emphasize and add energy to the poster text. I’m still not sure what font the title credits of the film uses despite perusing online for a while. I still don’t entirely love the font I ended up with, but I think it’s clean and gets the job done. I’m really happy palate-wise with how close I was to creating my initial vision.

The New Thing in Wine: Accents

This is the budding entrepreneur assignment worth 2 points.

Isolated wine bottle with blank label

At first glance, this bottle of wine may not seem like anything out of the ordinary. Oh how wrong you are, petty peasant! This is the finest accent wine, fresh from the gardens of the Stephanus Rechtorus vineyard. What’s accent wine, you say? Accent wine is the new rage, aptly named for its unique quality to empower its consumers with the ability to speak fluently in a foreign accent! Ever wanted to go on a drunken Hitler rant? Well break out your fake stache’, flip the hair back, and start shouting your “sieg heils,” because this accented wine pulls no punches. Effects wear off after a night of heavy drinking, and saucy German conflict. Enjoy!

A New Paper for the Wall

Ds106 wallpaper


This is the create your own DS106 wallpaper assignment worth 4 points.

Here’s my wallpaper! With these sorts of things I always start off small, almost get finished, then spend way too much time trying to perfect some tiny aspect I don’t like. Then after I curse the name of GIMP for a few minutes, and contemplate buying Photoshop for the millionth time, I eventually give up or find a quick fix. I had trouble preserving the base backdrop that I began with. All that remains of that original image are the two colored ripples on either side. I wanted to extend them further, and it really shouldn’t have been hard, but I kept hitting wall after wall, resulting in a boxy-like image that looks like a square on top of another square. I tried my best to crop the original, extend the background, playing with GIMP’s various layering tools and perspective shifts, but everything was either unnoticeable or way too warped.

Anyway, I still like the overall look here. I was going for something dark and noir-inspired, naturally. I like the rippling effect over the text for DS106, matching it up well with the moody, rippling water. I also played around a bit with GIMP’s flare/flame creator to spice it up a bit. It’s not too noticeable, but it’s the little grey swirl behind the text. I still can’t decide if it’s cool or distracting, but I decided to go with it.

Fantastical Four Symbols

hobbit symbolring symbolwalking symbolmountain symbol

This is the recommended one story/four icons assignment worth 2 1/2 points. This is a fun assignment, though I suspect my creation won’t offer up much of a challenge for potential guessers. At least I certainly hope not! This should be an easy one. In the off-chance you’re curious and can’t figure it out, I will clarify that the last symbol isn’t technically the “end” of this story, especially not in the novel version (another hint). As far as most people visualize the plot however, the last symbol is still largely the relative end. I had a bit of trouble making the images small enough to fit side to side on one page, so I hope they aren’t too small to see.

For as obvious as this looks to me, I’m sure it would be a different ballgame if I hadn’t made it myself. Happy guessing!