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Jack Neff Jams with Donnie Rawlen

This is a piece that I’m playing off of from Spencer Scott called “Donnie’s Zen.” It’s for the theme music assignment worth 4 points. I really liked it when I heard it, and I thought it would be cool to do a jam-session approach with these character mash-ups. ¬†At first I also wanted to play another guitar lick with the song, but numerous attempts forced me to realize that there’s already too much going on there for another guitar, especially if I’m singing over it. Props again to Spencer for that sweet, soothing lick. The lyrics I wrote are a bit tough to hear, but I like how they relate to my character, Jack Neff, so I though i would include them:

My name’s Jack Neff and I’m stuck inside/Oh I’ve got nowhere to hide

Looking for anything worth my time/What makes a good story is the rhyme

My man Donnie here, well he’s so soft/But at least he knows how to take time off

From the work that bogs me down/Always searching for a Cyri clown

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