stein bickle standdown


This is the dialogue mashup assignment worth 4 1/2 points.

This was another really fun one. I knew I wanted to do something with the “you talkin’ to me?” scene. It’s just too perfect for this sort of assignment.  I love the awkward tension that builds throughout. Initially I really wanted to get a Joe Pesci character in there somewhere. I was looking for a way to bring in his crazy “how’m I funny?” monologue from Goodfellas, but the scene is a bit too hectic and specific to move it into another context with total ease. I still want to do something with that scene eventually. Anyway, Ben Stein’s droll professor from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off seemed the perfect sort of character to contrast with Travis Bickle. There are a few moments in particular that really play off of each other well, but I couldn’t find enough useful dialogue from Stein’s character to flesh it out much more. Still a funny piece!

5 thoughts on “Bueller?”

  1. The quintessential movie question, and (FINALLY) a response. I love that you meshed two of the most famous cinematic scenes together, and that you didn’t just use “Bueller?” alone. Great work.

  2. Nice post! The Bueller track had a nice background noise or lack there of but the second track (“you talkin’ to me ?!”) had that fuzz which threw it off. It was a great mix though you were able to cue it up real nice! Captain Hindsight here, I think what I would have done is possibly loop the background noise over and over underneath Bueller until “you talkin’ to me” chimed in. It might have worked out to have the feel as if they were in the same room. LMK if you think that could have worked!

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