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This is the solo vocal trio assignment, worth 3 points.

I do a good bit of guitar playing and singing in my spare time, and I’d been listening to this classic today so I thought it might work well. I forgot how long the gaps in vocals are. That’s the biggest problem here. It just goes quiet for too long without the guitar plucking away in the back. I fudged a line which bothers me, and I’m hellishly out of key at different times, but I’ll take it!

3 thoughts on “Blackbirds”

  1. This is great! I wouldn’t be upset if you were performing at a bar or something around here. Solid rendition.

    Note: I made created the assignment. –The silent parts are indeed kind of awkward (in mine, too, but I mean in general).

    It’d be pretty cool if you recorded yourself playing the guitar line for Blackbird and just adding that as another layer. You could just combine that layer with the mono so you’d have essentially a backup stereo vocal line and a stereo cover. So close to a full band sound, then…although finding a (good) drummer is always tricky.

  2. This was really good. You sing really well. I have played guitar for a while and couldn’t really hear when you were out of key but that might be because I haven’t played it for a while. But, overall, good job!

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